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We invite you to shape the future of IBM, including the product roadmap, by submitting enhancement ideas that matter to you the most.

Here's how it works:

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Start by posting ideas and requests to enhance a product or service. Take a look at ideas others have posted and vote for them if they matter to you,

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  3. Get feedback from the IBM team to refine your idea

Help IBM prioritize your ideas and requests

The IBM team may need your help to refine the ideas so they may ask for more information or feedback. The offering manager team will then decide if they can begin working on your idea. If they can start during the next development cycle, they will put the idea on the priority list. Each team at IBM works on a different schedule, where some ideas can be implemented right away, others may be placed on a different schedule.

Receive notification on the decision

Some ideas can be implemented at IBM, while others may not fit within the development plans for the product. In either case, the team will let you know as soon as possible. In some cases, we may be able to find alternatives for ideas which cannot be implemented in a reasonable time.

Post an Idea

To post a new idea - click on the "Add a new idea" button and where asked select the appropriate category this idea relates to. Provide requested information to allow us to get a better understanding of your request.

Idea visibility

Ideas submitted in this portal are only visible to you and IBM. If you want to create a public idea that can be viewed and voted on by others use the IBM Security Ideas Portal instead. Any idea you create here can also be viewed in the IBM Security Ideas Portal in addition to this portal, but only by you. In this way you can create and monitor your ideas according to your needs for privacy.

Please note: The purpose of the Ideas Portal is to tap the creativity of the IBM Security community so that we can enhance our products for everyone! If you need to report a defect or get help, please use our normal support channel. Click here to open a support ticket.

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Kerberos Resource-Based Constrained Delegation (RBCD) support

It may be possible to do but we have not certified it. This would require an enhancement request for our development team to review, then approve and then certify
3 days ago in Verify Access 0 Submitted

"Assigned to" menu item selection needs a CONFIRMATION prompt

Depending on the condition when you select multiple cases. The Blue "menu" selections shift between "Actions, Export, Assign to Manage, and Cancel". More so, the Export menu item shifts left (as the action menu item doesn't appear all the time). S...
3 days ago in QRadar SOAR / Process design 2 Submitted

Arista WIPS device support for integration

Arista WIPS device support for integration (DSM)

Cisco Umbrella Audit logs formatting issue

This is relation to the Cisco Umbrella audit log activity noting incorrect values in the parsed logs in QRadar. Need your help to support Umbrella Audit logs in QRadar with correct format.
2 days ago in QRadar Security Info and Event Management 0 Submitted

Beginning of week shall be customizable systemwide

The eginning of week shall be customizable systemwide, impacting also reports.
2 days ago in QRadar SOAR / Reporting & metrics 0 Submitted

Mail to User UI – Template Text not visible

In a custom mail window there must be a way to not only select a mail template (which is already possible) but also display the text of that mail immediatly before submitting the the mail.
3 days ago in QRadar SOAR / Look & feel 0 Submitted

Lots of empty unused space

There is a large amount of wasted space in the area of the incident title when inside the incident. Aditionally the incident title is too large and also consumes a lot of space.
3 days ago in QRadar SOAR / Look & feel 0 Submitted

Actions button shall be visible at all times

An Analyst wants to click the Actions button at all times – the button shall always be visible Current situation:Actions button is not visible when scrolled down And the Back to top button is not visible, as the user has not scrolled to the end ye...
3 days ago in QRadar SOAR / Look & feel 0 Submitted

Due date enty changes sort order of tasks

Date entry affects sort order of tasks This is not desired Example: an open task in line 3 is moved to line 1 after the date entry Request: The sort order of tasks can be configured in the customization settings
3 days ago in QRadar SOAR / Collaboration 0 Submitted

Date & Time Picker cumbersome

Slider for time are Cumbersome old fashioned Not precise Request: Space saving UI Drop down preferred or scroll option
3 days ago in QRadar SOAR / Look & feel 0 Submitted